A few months ago I made a decidion: I will buy myself fine make up brushes! Till then I had been using four Sephora brushes and now I really don't know how I managed to do my make up only with FOUR BRUSHES. Anyway, I decided for Zoeva brushes - they are know for great quality, they are available in the Czech Republic and the price is not that bad. Fistly I wanted to buy just stippling and blending brush but I ended up with this amazing Rose Golden Set.
It all came in a chocolate brown bag with -surprisingly- rose golden hardware. It's a good quality bag, the fastening goes smoothly and inside is another small pocket.  I'm not really into rose gold or copper but I have to admit it looks gorgeously in my beauty corner!

It contains four face brushes and four eye brushes. They are made of taklon (the duo ones) and of goat hair (the white ones).

106 POWDER BRUSH - It has quite loose and long hair, I would prefer something more compact like kabuki brush, but it's great when I want to fix foundation lightly.

127 LUXE SHEER CHEEK - A perfect blush brush . It's not too big or too small for my face and it brings blush to that areas where I want it.

110 FACE SHAPE - This one nicely highligts cheekbones while using a bronzer, but because I use bronzer occasionaly I use this brush occasionaly as well. Which is shame, I know, I must find a bronzer which would go with my pale skin.

102 SILK FINISH - My BIG LOVE. The hair are short and very soft and dense. Everyday I look forward to do my foundation with this one, because it's more like a therapeutic massage than everyday routine. It really does the airbrush effect on face without any maps or smudges.

142 CONCEAL BRUSH - It does it's work nicely, but it seems to be a bit small for the under eye area.

317 WING LINER - If you're saying you're bad at eyeliner then you probably never used this brush. I also tought I suck at eyeliner, so I didn't wear it but now and with this I feel like a queen of cat flicks. It's does a very thin and precise line so don't be affraid of eyeliners anymore.

227 LUXE SOFT DEFINER - I use it as a blending brush and for basic eyeshadows like pale beige and pale brown and than I build up the colour with other brushes.

231 LUXE PETIT CREASE - This one looks like a pencil, it's pointy on the end and I use it on my upper eyelid crease for slight countouring or on my lower eyelid because the point does nice precise line.

I must say they are worth the money. If you're thinking about invesing into better brushes I would recomend these or any Zoeva brushes. They fit nicely in hand and they don't lose fiber. I didn't have any problem with washing them, from the Sephora ones  I couldn't get the pigments out. 
One wash in warm water with shampoo was enough for the duo fibres, but the ones from goat hair I had to re-clean with brush cleaner (from Sephora).

So, I like them very much, I suppose I will extend my Zoeva collection in the future!

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