Hello! December is here and I want to sum up all the favourite thing which I have been using through November. Here is a mixture of fashion, beauty products, books and sweet treats. There are no festive things because I plan to write a lot of Christmas post in December. I prepared recipes, wishlists and so many other topics which I hope you'll enjoy.

H&M scarf is one of the softest scarves I own and it has an unusual ashy blue colour. I actually have by an accident when a friend of mine asked me if I would be so kind and bought it for her. When I touched it I was like: Oh my God, it's such an amazing material - I need it!

Fluffy Zara ball was one of the must-haves for this winter. For a long time I was looking for a nice coat with a furry collar. I found one in Zara as well but I realized it is not that great I tought it would be. So, I joined this furry trend with this burgundy pompom (and thankfully saved a looot of money).

This metal bookmark is so cute, isn't it? Maybe you don't see it clearly because of the light but I chose the one with Audrey Hepburn. It's actually a poster to Brekfast at Tiffany's and I think It will look stylish poking out of a book.

In November I started to read detective books by Jo Nesbø. You can see I have The Leopard and The Snowman. They are brilliant. If you don't mind very realistic descriptions containing blood and various parts of human body these thrilling books are for you. Both have unexpected twists and unique atmosphere. They are suited for winter because both are setted in winter time. Even though it is a serie starting a book called The Bat (which is bad) you easily read just one book. I recomend The Snowman - it's the TOP!

Lemony flutter from Lush is a big help if you suffer from chapped scarfskin. I do a lot during winter and last year I was totally despered. This really hepls and it's a creamy lemony scent and the texture is like tough butter. So, thank you Lush. 

Ersatz coffee, this one is called Melta, suddenly became my favourite drink. I've never looked for it but we bought it for fun when in the Czech Republic was a retro week in Lidl. With retro I mean normal products wrapped in covers from the comunist era. Czech people are fond of having these retro weeks because we are nostalgic and we like to remember old times. Nice reminder.

You know I already have a wide collection of red, plum and crazy pink lipsticks. I love them but I realized I don't want to wear them everyday. That's why I got this neutral Maybelline lipstic. It's smooth with a little shine and the colour is cold pink with purple undertone. And you won't believe me but it smells like gingerbread - or maybe I told it myself because with up coming Christmas I feel this smells everywhere.

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