On Saturday I was walking around this beautifuly scented shop and as you asume the scent lead me  straight inside. I must admit that I know about Lush existence about two months. I have no idea why I ignored it for so long but luckily now I don't :D.

Ok, I bought just three products, so it's not so BIG haul. I decided to save money in order to make a huge Christmas Lush shopping.
 I'm not a typical Lush customer; I don't buy bath bombs. Why? Not because I don't like the smell or colouring, the truth is I like it very much but I have not the heart to dissolve them because they are so cute :O! Now be ready for expressions like: wow, it smell so good (except for one), the scent is... and I can't properly describe the scent.  If you have problem with describing Lush's smells, don't worry. Me and so many youtubers and bloggers who were doing a Lush hauls also struggled with describing it :D.


I'll start with the one with a strange scent. This is a feet mask made of kaolin and also tomatoes and papaya. I really needed it because summer totally dryed up my feet and they were calling for a help. It has a smooth texture with small grains and it smells...well...weird. I'm glad it's a feet mask and not a face mask because I wouldn't be able to smell it for that 10 minutes. But it has an ability to nicely grind of rough feet skin.


It smells so good and I'm even able to describe it! It's pink (but there's no strawberries) and is smell like mint with cocoa. Every evening I'm looking forward to spread it on my feet. It cools and it's not oily like other nourishing lotions. As I said I use it in the evening, than I put on socks and in the morning I have unbelievely soft feet.


I face greasy hair for almos five years. I have to wash them every day if I want to look normal and I couldn't find any conditioner without oils. This one is great and  it's probably my salvation. It's made of lemons and herbs so it's suitable for soft greasy hair. It leave them light and shiny and also pleasantly odorous.

And the last one. It's not a part of the haul because I own it for two months but I think I could make also a small review of it. It's a face mask and thank God it smells divine! It's mint with something which I can't recognize but I like the smell very much. It cools skin and reduces pores. It's green so make sure you won't have to go to open a door to a postman. That's why I use on Saturday or Sunday.
After 10 minutes it stiffen up. When you wash it of you can use it as a peeling because it has smaller and bigger grains.

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