Originally I had prepared an outfit post for today. I chose a lovely oufit: cute floral top and short denim dungarees. So I took camera and went to town. But when my friend wanted to take the photo, I realized that I forgot the memory card at home -_-. An whole afternoon I had to trail with my unbelievely heavy camera (Nikon D3100 with the biggest lens -yep) without a purpose.
So instead of an outfit, I wrote a post about my make-up case. Are you curious what's inside this purple beauty? Let's see.

It look a bit messy but it has an order - but this order is unseeable at the first sight. I should reorganize it and make it more synoptical. Maybe later...

In this small cute CHANEL bag I have all my lipsticks. I almost don't have lip glosses, because I hate when I'm walking down the street, suddenly wind blows and all my hair stick in the gloss. And when I finaly set them free it repeats again. 
 I like expressive shades and by TOP shade is Cutting Edge from Rimmel. It's very dark violet, like forrest berries. It doesn't stay on lips for a long time so from time to time I have to renew it. 
Another favourite shade is Blake's red from L'oréal, very nice red with blue undertone. In the shop it appeared like a dark red lipstick (which I was looking for) and at home I was sligtly surprised. But I liked in anyway.


1. Lancome Doll Eye Hypnose mascara - The best mascara in the world. I have straight lashes and this one makes miracles with them.
2. Lancome eyeshadows - The only eye shadows I own. This case is called Magic voyage and it has 6 eyeshadows, three lipsticks, small mirror and two brushes. The shadows have low pigmentation and it's perfect for day wearing.
3. L'oréal Brow Artist Genius Kit - Well, I'm eyebrows freak. I love Audrey Hepburn's eyebrows and every single time I'm trying to achieve the same result and this small box helps me very much. I fix the final shape with number 6. L'oréal transparent jelly
4. Burjois blush - a neutral shade, also low pigmentation
5. Brushes - Most of my brushes are from Sephora, I don't use them so frequently so I don't need profesional ones. This blush brush is from Marionauld, nicely soft (made from goat hair).

Now you must think I'm not only brow freak but also a CHANEL freak. You're right, I have three CHANEL bags of different sizes. This is the big one and in the end I'll show you also the medium one :).
I have there my foundations. I use them very rarely, when I go to a ball or to the theathre.
1. Infallible L'oréal - If you have very pale skin this is the one for you. It has medium covering and it's a bit too heavy for summer.
2. Vichi BB Cream - I bough it in pharmacy, it has heavy texture (it's cream at all) and I use it for contouring because has also too dark shade for my skin.
3. Ives Rocher -This one is very, very old and I dare say it's out of stock now. It has light texture, suitable for summer. The problem is that my mum bought me it and she did not guess the right tone. :(
4. Strawberry Body Basics lip balm - a sweet red dot :)

Bronzer from Yves Rocher and Alverde transparent powder. 
I usually don't use the bronzer, I probably bought it only because of the cute cover :). I wanted to show you how the bronzer looks like but the package decided to close whenever I took a camera.

To the make-up has a close relationship a perfume. I have two fragrances. The first one is Trésor Midnight Rose from Lancome. It's eau de parfum and I usually wear it in the evening because it's very strong for day wearing.  
And that's why I have...yes you can guess... CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle in eau de toilette. My perfume love! I have been talking about it since I was 16 and three years later I finaly lived to see.
I found them them because of that lovely commercials. 
You can watch it here: Lancome with Emma Watson
Three Chanel's: First, second and third with Keira Knightley

And here's the last CHANEL bag with my mobile phone and Happy Plugs earpods (I must be really annoying with them, but they are adorable!). The bag is empty now and I plan to use it for travelling. But who knows, maybe I'll use it in a different way.

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