This is a sequence to a post Living without milk. I want to show you what I usually cook and I also prepared a few tips for cooking withou milk. Hope you will like it!

1. Breakfast

Because I'm always very hungry (and also very lazy) in the morning I try to prepare my breakfast quickly. Since I have found Alpro soya yoghurts I practicaly don't eat anything else. My favourite ones are vanilla, strawberry and lemon with lime. I like to mix it with chia seed, banana or strawberries, cocoa and with honey or maple sirup. It's the best breakfast I've ever ate.
If I want to have warm breakfast I prepare scramble eggs with toast or poridge with all the ingredients I put into yoghurt :D.
I make poridge from almond or coconut milk.
And, of course, I drik black tea - english breakfast with cane sugar. But for the last few months I drink hot chocolate or coffee with those sweet syrups. So, I'm not a good example of a heathy lifestyle :D

2. Snacks

What I enjoy on my new lifestyle is that I learnt eating snack. I usually eat a piece of fruit, muesli bar - I really loved Absolute berry oat bars from Jordans but they don't have it anymore :(. Or I also like knackebrot with nothing on it. When I baked somerhing the previous day I eat that.

3. Lunch

After graduation I'm all alone at home and I became a master of quick meals. I eat a lot of natural rice because it's sooo good with roasted chicken or turkey breast and with vegetable like paprika, onion, leek or eggplant. When I want a change I replace rice with couscous or soba noodles :D. How simple. But I also eat fish (salmor and cod) with baked or steam potatoes, pancakes, home-made pizza etc.

4. Dinner

It's quite boring but for dinner we eat almost the same things like for lunch (of course not in the same day). I also like wholemeal bun, cut in the middle with tomatoes, sheep cheese and with mediterranean spice. Or sometimes, when I'm in baking mood, I like to bake muffins, like these with strawberry jam:

5. Travelling

The first thing I realized is that now I will have to cook if I really want to avoid milk. It's a bit unpleasant when I travel but not a huge problem. I bought myself a lot of different boxes so I can take pre-prepared meal. with me. A certain is for example pizza without cheese or anything from Marks&Spencer because there is a label on every product. I adore Roasted vegetable couscous from M&S, whenever I have an opportunity I buy it.

List of products where can be unexpected milk

- pies, tartes, cakes from bakery
- doughnuts, pancakes
-potatoes in restaurant - they sometimes use butter
-pizza - sometimes they use butter as well
- leaf dough
- cookies, biscuites and butter croissants
- sandwiches
- salad sauces
- scrambled eggs - fried on butter
- Nutela :(
- Pina colada and eggnog
- BeBe family biscuites

Where you would expect milk but it's not there

- gingerbread - but not always
-Stella Vita margarine and Rama in bottle
- Lotus gingerbread spread
- tea rich biscuites and bourbon biscuites from Marks&Spencer 
- BeBe cookies with honey and cocoa
- Marks&Spencer hot chocolate in can
in Starbucks you can have coffee with soya milk (if you haven't know)

What I baked today

It's dreamy simple. I bought leaf flour without milk, and rolled it out: I spread on it crushed hazel nuts, cinnamon and honey. Than I wrapped it into a roll and this roll I cut into this small rolls. I baked it 10-13 minutes on 220 degrees. It's good to watch over it because it can turn burn very quickly. And that's it. You can use whatever you want as a filling but this is very tasty.

You can see that I eat relatively like anyone else. Don't rack one's brain over cooking without milk. Just replace it with a plant milk and enjoy your meal.


  1. That looks and sounds great! I love Alpo products too and also drink only plant-based milk :)

    1. These milks are just delicious! I'll probably never come back to normal milk :D


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