This year it's going to be my fourth KVIFF (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for those who don't know). Hopefully. Because for two days I've been lying in a bed with a cold and temperature, and this crazy hot weather makes it even worst. Really good time for beeing ill. It seems I'm not going to the opening this evening. I won't see Richard Gere and Jena Malone :'(. Anyway I must be possitive and look forward to 3 days filled with films.
So, because I've got nothing to do right now I decided to recap the last three wonderful years.


In 2012 I had the pleassure to see Helen Mirren, the Oscar and BAFTA winner and also one of the best dressed actresses. Even though she's nearly 70 years old she has a very fresh style and not boring at all.

 One Year later, in 2013 I met John Travolta and it was an unforgettable meeting. When he get out of the car a real madness started. People were heavily screaming and me and my friends were push on the barriers that we xould barely breathe. But he was very nice and he walked around the place in front of  Thermal and gave signatures (my friend has one!) and people could take a phto with him. It was the best atmosphere on KVIFF I've ever seen.

Yes, I also met these orange panthers fellows, the annual mascots.



No comment. But I like my wavy hair.


The only usable photo. The rest of the photos are only shots of my teeth -_-.


That's me! A tiny girl with a pixie cut and hair without henna. I hope this year I will post outfits (especially one with my new long dress!).

  1. That I don't have to get up at 5 o'clock and sleep in front of cash box. KVIFF Vodafone Guide secures it
  2. It's luxury to find film with 70% and more rating
  3. Choosing films is like the russian roulette - one great film among complete rubbish
  4. To appreciate the whole film even with a little idea
  5. That you can shoot film on your iPhone and then present it at festival
  6. How to quietly leave screaning room
  7. When a really bad film is screaned in a room with cozy seats it's good to use this time for sleeping
  8. That I have to carefuly watch the weather forecast
  9. That the air-conditioning is not everywhere
  10. Yeees, and that KVIFF is the best event of the whole year!
So, keep one's fingers crossed for me, hopefully I won't have a fever this evening and I will go to get festival pass nad program :)

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