Festival is over and I must say it was a good one! I went for three days so I could see nine films (but I went to 7) and great thing is I chose a lot of amazing films. Usually I haven't got a lucky hand but this time I had. The TOP films were Kobry a užovky - The Snake Brothers (a czech one), maybe Franny with excelent Richard Gere but the story was about nothing, Slow West which I wanted to see anyway so I was pleased that I could see it at the festival. 
Tale of Tales was a good film, beautiful costumes and places, also a good story and actors but a bit morbid. 
I went to Youth. As you can see from the photos I stucked in an enormous crowd when I went to the screening that I was affraid I won't get in even though I had a ticket! However I got in and it was a nice opening because Harvey Keitel came, the one who played leading role, and we gave him a standing ovation...just energizing atmosphere. Youth is probably the best film I saw this year at the festival and I hope someday I'll see it again. very poetic, brilliant plot, brilliant actors and setting.

I wrote about good films but I also have to mention the bad films. The real rubbish was Once Upon a Dream: A Journet to the Last Spaghetti Western. Till now I have no idea what it was about...just mind blow! The first 30 minutes I tried to understand and the other 30 minutes I slept. 
The last film, Poetry, wasn't quite crap but it was too long to keep me focused. It has 2 hours and 30 minutes and it was just EDNLESS.

50th KVIFF is over...let's looking forward to 51st!

PS: in the title isn't a mistake, anniversary was changed to anniVARYsary because festival takes place in Karlovy Vary and in CZ we just call this town Vary :) that's why

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