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You know that I really like this "trainers trend". I can't perfectly explain why. I remember I didn't like it. But by the time trainers were everywhere and I started thinking about it in a different way. Fortunately in the same time I decided to start running (and now I don't run) and I got my colorful Nike shoes. I wore them a lot but that I realised that they are a little crazy for everyday wearing. So since that, I have been looking around for perfect daily-wear trainers :D.


I'm looking forward to wearing this outfit. I do not owe these items exactly but I have very similar. And by the way, my Fashionology package haven't arrived yet, hopefully next week :).

Mango/Nike/M.A.C./Lancome/ photo1/photo2

Outfit for gourmets. I madly fell in love with this Chanel feather sequined dress. So elegant and provocative. So Chanel. Maybe one day... :D 

Here it is. My New Balance trainers! Firstly I wanted to buy Nike Free 5.0 in black. They were elegant, minimalistic - precisely what I wanted. However I went to our local sport store and they had New Balance shoes in sale. I tryed them on - they were the damn comfy! Just like my Nikes but not that bright. It was love at the first step :D.

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