Happy year 2015! I wish you all best in the new year, many fulfiled wishes and dreams, a lot of love and a lot of successes :)

Now, sales are everywhere and as any other person I was scrolling through my favourite brands and eshops. I found a many things I wanted to purchase for a long time and voilá - they are cheeper!

1. high-heels court shoes In February I have a prom ball but still I don't have the perfect shoes. I found this pair in Zara sales but I don't know... in my opinion these shoes have a way too high heels. I don't want to fall.

2. knitted scarf The only one colorful thing in this otherwise black/white whishlist. I would like to have a scarf without pattern. Actually I have only one monochromatic scarf.

3. food box In a last few months I have been preparing my lunches at home and early I found out that I don't have a suitable box for it. Once my meel was very early cold or that box was too big. I think this is what I've been looking for.

4., 5. earpins and necklace Ok, this wish came true last Friday but my crescent earpins and amazonit necklace haven't arrived yet. I'm so looking forward to wearing it! It's something I've been dreaming about since I saw it.

5. black ripped jeans It's weird but I don't have any black jeans or even any ripped jeans. I will be very happy if I manage to find black and ripped jeans. Just a little ripped.

8. simple white shirt I have one white shirt, the problem is that it's short and it also doesn't fit properly to me.

6. trainers I already have one pair of trainers and I absolutely love them because they are very comfy. I could wear them all the time. They are like a flock of tropical birds which sometimes is not the thing I want to have on my feets. That's reason why I want to get a bit boring black pair.

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