September started so as school year - my very last year at high school. It sound quite depressive but I hope, that depressive mood won't last for a long time. I presume that it will end after my entrance exams to a university :D. After all, this uncertainty is a little... well, depressive. However, today's 2nd September but I can feel quivers of future stress right now. Aside from university exams I will have prom ball and graduation.
Nevertheless,it makes me happy that I found a beautiful trenchcoat at Marks & Spencer. I hope I will wear it even next year, because my last trenchcoat fall to pieces after one year -_-. What a quality. 

trenchcoat Marks & Spencer
backpack Steve Madden
jumper H&M
scarf Tchibo
jeans Levi's
shoes Baťa

photos Martin Petrák and Verča Míková


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